What Is the Best Form Of Sadaqah Jariyah?

Islam teaches that you can give and be rewarded in a variety of ways. One way is with sadaqah-jariyah , an act of charity which gives back regardless of the amount that is given. Seeds can be planted to grow trees. When they reach maturity, they will shade you in hot weather and keep you warm during winter. Your charitable acts don’t stop there. Their fruits will continue to supply nourishment for many years to come.

Jariyah is the Arabic word used to describe charity. There are a variety of types of jiraiya’s to give to. Here are five instances of how we suggest that you get involved with this type of charity.

Adopting a Child/Orphan

There are millions of children worldwide who have been deprived of an education , and more who are left without the essentials needed for success. It’s unfortunate as the children who are left behind will not understand the importance of education. We can help them reach their goals by offering excellent early childhood development programs which provide the essential foundations for developing an understanding of other views and how they are appreciated.

It is imperative that we all work together so that the generations to come live better lives than ours now.

Contributions of individuals to their future generations are often not considered. But, it could aid in ensuring prosperity and success for all. Sponsoring a child ensures that they are able to access education and have the skills needed to succeed in the profession they want to be. This means that your sponsorship impact more than those who qualify for help through the Child Sponsorship Programs.

Education and Skills, Teaching and spreading the word about Islam

Islam is a religion which rewards those who share knowledge. As Muslims as a group, we are accountable to our fellow Muslims. It is our duty to share accurate information about Islam to others so that they may also profit from God’s affection through prayer and other ways. Learning to study the Holy Quran brings a reward even after death . Every whenever your student shares or teaches another their mantra, both of them will benefit. Be a good person instead of dying someday.

Develop a water source

Imagine living in a country where there is no water supply that is safe and clean. It’s difficult enough to get the most basic necessities to live a normal life, but what would happen if you lost it? It would be impossible to conduct your everyday activities or maintain healthy hygiene practices (think healthcare). This situation is made more challenging when you consider the fact that many countries in the developing world do not have the financial resources to meet their needs. They depend heavily on international assistance and often receive it with little in exchange.

Participating in the building of the building of Mosque, School or Hospital

Many religious people prefer to contribute to a mosque or school to earn significant rewards. You can also donate your time and money to establish an orphanage. This is just one example of how giving back will give you a greater sense of satisfaction than buying something with all the prayer points.

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