What Is Deer Antler Velvet?

Imagine your delight when you get home to find your deer had new antlers. They are soft and fluffy, exactly as their name implies. These “velvet” blades are only found on male deers who develop them every year, following the shed of their old hooves for the first time in the fall, so don’t be fooled by what you think is an injured animal or a baby buck, if it hasn’t yet shed its old set of hooves (or tusks). These scars that look velvety are not caused by biology alone. They are also a reflection of the environment that bucks inhabit. Bucks don’t have to contend with other males over territorial rights or mateship rights, like cows and calves.

The loss of antlers by a buck doesn’t mean that he’s not able to compete. It’s because they are trying to get married with females during deer season. The process usually begins around the month of March or December, when they shed their weapons and start to grow velvet ones. They provide nutrients to grow new, and it occurs faster than if no treatment is being done.

The text from the past 2,000 years claims that velvet from deer antlers has medicinal properties. In the present, the traditional Chinese medical practices use it as the most widely used medicine, with a particular focus on all types of illnesses and ailments, including ginseng’s use in Asian culture to boost strength or how coffee beans can be ground into powder form to make an drinkable substance if consumed internally which offers extra energy boosts.

High levels of hormone-like substances that are found in the velvet of deer could possess anti-inflammatory properties. Recent research has shown that the hormone-like substances in the velvet of deer antler could affect immune function and blood pressure. The anatomy of the deer is characterized by unique characteristics, for instance, the sharp cartilage plates that run along their forelegs. They are believed to protect against predators while they move through trees and bushes with speed. But, it could be used by a person who could take just one swipe to show their point.

Deer antlers have been reported to help arthritis. It could also be related to its anti-inflammatory properties. There is a wealth of information on “deer velvet arthritis” on the internet. Numerous supplement companies seek to earn money through marketing their products. They understand that consumers want effective treatment however there is no scientific evidence in the background.

There are so many advantages of antler velvet that it’s easy appreciate why one would wish to own a piece. While some believe it will improve your mental clarity and boost your immune system, others say they have experienced an increase in sexual desire. However, none of these claims has been proved scientifically.

While it can be difficult to find, some establishments sell velvet deer antlers. These white and hard-wearing chips are renowned for their therapeutic properties and can be found in a variety of forms, including tea leaves or capsules made from them , depending on the kind of experience you would like to make of your encounter with these amazing and bizarre creatures. It is important to know more about how they work before we go into the specifics of where you might find them if you were out and about during lunch.

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