How to Protect your Deck from this Season’s Storms

In the summer and spring repairs to decks are an everyday task for homeowners. The sun, rain and snow can all cause wear and tear which could make your deck look ugly. Here are some reasons to tackle deck repairs now because the weather is warming up.

1. It’s not just an eyesore. A worn out or damaged deck can be risky for the family members who regularly use it. If there are boards missing or other hazards to safety, they must be taken care of promptly to ensure that no one is hurt when taking a walk in the great outdoors.

2. The value of your home will go up with a well-maintained deck.

3. A deck that has been updated can attract potential prospective buyers to your home and will make it more appealing for prospective buyers.

4. Taking care of your deck today can help prevent costly repairs later. Maintain your deck for many years to come with basic maintenance like cleaning the deck of debris and examining for loose boards.

5. It can feel great to finish a long-overdue task and especially one that will offer you endless hours of enjoyment in the future!

6. It also helps prevent costly repairs in the future.

7. You can have fun with summertime entertaining all winter long!

8. Your deck will be prepared to use once spring finally does roll around again!

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By investing in deck maintenance now you can save both time and money in the future by avoiding major issues before they happen.

To extend the life of your deck it is necessary to maintain it annually. Cleaning and staining not only removes color fade from years ago but also protects your deck from harsh conditions which can damage wood. In addition to removing the unsightly grime and dirt which will build over time, it’ll assist in preventing damage by adding more layers of protection.

When your deck is clear of dirt and grime , you can apply an impervious sealant to aid in protecting the wood. You can enjoy year throughout summer with only one coat of waterproof sealant. If you have a deck constructed from pressure treated wood, then sealing it is NOT advised. The type of wood used is generally formulated with chemical compounds that are intended to prevent water damage, therefore it is best to leave your deck bare until spring comes around.

Conclusion: By investing in easy deck repairs now, you can save time and money later by avoiding big issues before they happen. Like all outdoor furniture your deck is an investment. It is worthy of the same amount of care and attention. Cleaning, staining, and sealing your deck in the fall will ensure that your outdoor entertaining space is prepared for the next spring!

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