How Does Web Design Help Improve Your Business?

Mobile First

Developers and designers are creating websites that cater to smartphones, since that is where the majority of their revenues come from. Developers and designers who are involved in web design or development must have some previous experience with designing mobile sites. This is due to the fact that it makes it simpler to design apps that can be adapted to smaller screen sizes.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers are the time to bloom, which is why we’re seeing an increase in the use of rounded corners and brighter colours on web pages. Like form inputs and avatars for profiles, backgrounds are no longer limited to 90deg angles. Instead, they can be intriguing from a variety of angles. This can help users remain interested for longer periods of time. Your website should be in line with current trends to foster trust between you and potential customers. This will enable them to purchase from you but also suggest your services to increase sales by a significant amount.

Additional Animations and Interactions

Animated websites are becoming more sought-after thanks to advancements in web technology, such as the jQuery. These scripts let you create a website that is more than just a medium for reading printed text. They also facilitate interaction between users (and page elements) that was previously limited by the capabilities of images.

The web is increasingly interactive. Page transitions, sliding information panels, and even simple animations are a great way to make your website appear alive without having to resort to the ugly 1990s style which we all know well. These techniques boost interaction and increase traffic to revenue-generating activities which can lead to an increase in the value per visit (RPV).


Companies are increasingly making use of the HTML5 video tag to secure their websites and keep them operating. With more platforms that allow video content hosting (including streaming), businesses can manage this with greater ease than they ever have before. Using these tags allows companies’ videos to be seamlessly integrated into their site , and it also offers an increased number of players.

Video backgrounds

With video backgrounds on the rise they can be used to your advantage and boost engagement time with customers. This is because they help boost conversion rates by offering more details about what a business offers in less space than conventional images accomplish, making videos easier for customers who don’t have the time to read through text throughout the day.

Video backgrounds are an effective way to increase branding and the amount of people returning. The technique has been demonstrated both in general and for certain kinds of backgrounds like video marketing or eCommerce content strategies that increase the growth of your business by increasing the time spent on your website while also increasing the level of engagement with customers.

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