All You Need To Know About Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro includes some options that aren’t present with Windows 10 Home. For example, it includes enterprise mode which allows you to make use of advanced security tools such as BitLocker encryption for protecting data stored on your device against theft or hardware failure without the need of any password (as as long that you are an administrator). Remote desktop connectivity is available to employees to ensure that they are able to access their computers from any location even when permission is not granted. This is useful when one person requires help, but the other doesn’t respond promptly enough.

Assigned Access

It’s possible to create an environment that is locked down, allowing employees access only to the applications they require. This is a way to prevent someone from accessing documents that they do not have permission to. Assigned Access was therefore created.


Make use of encryption software to safeguard your files against hackers. Windows 10 Pro has a more sophisticated version that allows you to decrypt and then encrypt each file with an individual key. It makes it impossible for anyone, not even those with access to your files, to access the files.

Domain Join

Domain Join is one of the many amazing features provided by the operating system. It lets you connect workstations to an already powerful corporate network with just one click. However, Windows 10 Home Edition will not allow users to join the network unless they’ve created Microsoft accounts, not local user accounts.

Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer

Enterprise Mode is now available for Windows 10 users. This mode permits websites to render using the modified settings for browsers. It mimics IE 7/8 but has some limitations, however it’s perfect for those who require that old compatibility.

Group Policy Management

Windows 10 provides Group Policy support. It allows administrators of systems to set up settings on computers for users. Users with more advanced skills can use this feature if they require changes to be automatically applied upon logging into that specific machine or any time before then.


Microsoft’s operating systems come with powerful features like virtualization. Hyper-V was previously only accessible only in Windows Server editions. Personal computers that did not have this feature were not as powerful and needed to be upgraded. It now comes as standard in every edition. It’s essential that your computer can run virtual machines and also has enough processing power (which some newer models come with).

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is installed on Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home. However, if have to host an outbound session with your server and don’t own a Windows 10 Pro PC this won’t work.

Trusted Boot

The most recent version of Windows 10 is designed to make sure your PC has all the appropriate drivers and software prior to when it begins. This is done with Secure Boot, which checks for malware and other undesirable software during the loading process. There’s also Trusted Boot where vendors like Lenovo are taking it a step further by checking for software updates while you boot up.

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